Focus Daily Toric A Daily Disposable Lens.

Focus Daily Toric are a daily disposable contact lens made for the correction of the eye condition known as Astigmatism.

Focus Daily Toric is manufactured by Ciba Vision and indeed was the world's first daily disposable toric contact lens and is still a world leader in daily disposable contact lenses.

Focus Daily Toric For The Correction of Astigmatism.

The advantage of Focus Daily Torics lenses is that being daily disposable they are zero maintenance contacts, just insert a fresh pair every morning and every night remove your contacts and throw them away.

With Focus Daily Torics there's no messy contact lens solutions, rubbing of lenses to remove protein, soaking them overnight or any of the other rituals you must follow when wearing conventional contact lenses.

A full range of Daily Toric lens prescriptions are held in stock and most are delivered the very next day.

Daily Toric are the most comfortable lenses, they are part of the Focus Daily series, a family of lenses that have very thin edges, these thin edges make the lenses very comfortable, a comfort that will last all day.

Focus Toric lenses are 69% water, that's a high water content so your eyes will feel very comfortable, but the lenses will still be easy to insert without tearing or ripping, which can happen with very high water content lenses.

The Focus Toric lenses are supplied in a saline solution and are immediately ready to insert into your eyes straight from the pack.

If you want the cheapest prices on Focus Torics, then buy your lenses in bulk, as there are special discounts for quantity purchases, you can buy as little as one month's supply, if you just want to try the lenses out or as much as 1 years supply of Focus Torics lenses if you want the maximum savings.