Focus Daily All Day Comfort.

Focus Daily is a range of daily replacement contact lenses from Ciba Vision.

The Focus Daily range includes Focus Dailies, All Day Comfort, Focus Dailies Progressives and Focus Dailies Toric, so the full range of lenses are available from standard eye condition All Day Comfort to lenses for astigmatism with Focus Dailies Toric and lenses for bifocal, multifocal and presbyopia eye correction requirements with Focus Dailies Progressives.

Focus Daily Progressives and Toric.

Focus Dailies are the easiest lenses to take care of, because basically you don't have to take care of them, each morning insert a new Focus Dailies lens and each night remove the old lens and throw it away, then in the morning insert a new Focus Daily's lens, what could be simpler, no contact lens cleaning, no soaking in solutions, no messy chemicals, no forgetting to neutralise solutions, if you wear contact lenses get your life back from the chores of contact lens wearing and switch to Focus Daily's.

Focus Day is a very thin edged contact lens that provides incredibly comfortable lenses that can't be felt on your eyes, with 69% water content in the lenses Focus Day are incredibly comfortable.

If you're looking for the biggest savings on buying contact lenses then look at the Focus lenses price list, the more lenses you buy, the cheaper it gets, so stock up on a few extra pairs and enjoy the savings.

Focus Daily Progressives are bifocal lenses, they are just like Focus Daily All Day Comfort, except in a progressive lens form, what's exceptional about Focus Daily Progressives is that there is no separate near and far eye prescriptions, the one contact lens allows you to focus on near and far objects, eliminating contact lenses with distance prescriptions all together.

Daily Toric are the world's first disposable daily lens for astigmatism, no longer do astigmatism eye conditions have to settle for a monthly lens, your Daily prescription will be made up immediately and even many prescriptions are held in stock, so there's a 95% chance your lenses will arrive next day from stock, now that really is Focus Daily.