Focus Visitint and Focus Visitint Toric.

Focus Visitint is available as two different products, there's Focus Visitint a standard vision correction lens and Focus Visitint Toric a lens for correcting the eye condition known as astigmatism.

Both these Focus Monthly Visitint contact lenses are monthly replacement lenses and both are part of the Focus family of lenses made by Bausch and Lomb.

Focus Visitint with the slight blue handling tint.

The word Visitint in the contact lens name refers to a slight blue visible tint that both Focus Monthly Visitint lenses have, this visible tint is often called a handling tint, the lens actually has a slight blue colour to the lens when held in your fingers or your hand, when inserted in your eyes, the lenses appear colourless and just like a normal lens, but whilst holding the lens the slightly blue colour helps you see your lenses and better insert them.

Focus Visitints lenses are so named because the visual properties of these contact lenses are very good, always in focus viewing, a superb lens and with 55% water content a comfortable lens too.

If you want the biggest discounts on Focus Visitints lenses, then order in bulk as the more you buy, the cheaper it gets, being monthly lenses you can order a year's supply in one go, you're never run out of Visitint as your always have stock at home.

Visitint lenses can also be returned easily, if you discover that your contact lens prescription has changed and now you have several unopened packs of unexpired Visitint lenses at home then just send them back and exchange them for Visitint lenses from your new prescription, that's such a good deal and provides such a high level of confidence when buying Focus lenses.

Focus Visitint are sold at up to 70% discount of what you might expect to pay elsewhere.