Money Off and Free Contact Lenses.

Free Contact Lenses and money off lenses with cashback, reduced prices and quantity discounts.

The first and easiest way to get money off your lenses is to order your lenses in bulk, if you wear monthly lenses consider getting a year's supply all in one go, as you can get some massive discounts when you buy lots of lenses.

Discounted And Free Contact Lenses.

If you wear daily lenses, consider getting a 6 month supply and taking advantage of some very generous price breaks.

Whilst you might be concerned about buying lots of lenses in one go, there's several reasons why you should not be concerned, contact lenses have a long shelf life of six months to a year, so buy in bulk and you can use the lenses as they will still be good.

People also worry that if they buy in bulk and get the best prices they might have a change in prescription and will then be stuck with a lot of lenses they can't use, well did you know that you can return your lenses as long as they haven't expired and aren't opened and swap the lenses for free for your new prescription.

If you just want money off your contact lenses consider referring a friend to the website, go to the website and fill out your friends name and email, they are then sent a refer a friend email and if they buy contact lenses, that will be recorded and you will get a generous discount off your next contact lens order.

If you would like free shipping and delivery on your orders then use the free reminder service found on the website, you put in the details of what contact lens you are using and how much you have at home, and whether it is a daily, monthly, weekly etc lens and then when it's time to buy more lenses you will receive a email reminder, if you then order lenses from them you will get the shipping charges free.

You might think why would you get free delivery just for using a reminder service, well two reasons the reminder service is good news for the contact lens supplier, firstly it reminds you to use them, as opposed another contact lens store, so they get the sale, and secondly it helps them manage their stock levels, knowing how much of any one lens to have in stock at any given time.