Freshlook Color Contact Lenses From Ciba Vision.

Freshlook Color Contact Lenses are a range of coloured contact lenses in both daily replacement and monthly replacement lenses.

Freshlook color contact lenses are a family of contact lenses which include Freshlook Color, Colorblends, Dimensions, ONE-DAY and Radiance.

Freshlook color contact lenses daily and monthly lenses.

Ciba Vision makes Freshlook colour contact lenses.

Freshlook Dimensions are monthly replacement contact lenses for light coloured eyes, designed to give a natural looking coloured lens, part of the range from Freshlook colour contact lenses.

Eyes appear bigger and brighter with more depth thanks to the innovative use of light and dark colours, Dimensions are available in Pacific Blue, Sea Green and Caribbean Aqua.

Wear these Freshlook color contact lens for one month, or 30 days, either 30 consecutive days or 30 days in total, just clean the lenses between wearing.

Bear in mind that all Freshlook color contact lens can appear slightly different in colour when actually worn on your own eyes, because sometimes your own natural eye colour will cause a slight change in colour, so best to check and try a few in the Freshlook colour contact lens range.

We can't talk about monthly colour contact lenses without mentioning the biggest brand, Freshlook Colorblends are Freshlook colour contact lens which use 3-in-1 FreshLook ColorBlends, a process of combining 3 complimentary colours in the one lens to provide the most realistic coloured contact lens.

Colours available with Freshlook color contacts are Blue, Honey, Hazel, Sapphire, Sterling Grey, Green, Gray, Turquoise, Brown, Amethyst, Brilliant Blue and Gemstone Green.

Freshlook ONE-DAY are daily replacement lenses in the Freshlook color contacts series, for simple hassle free lenses with no need to clean your lenses because at the end of the day you simply throw your lenses away and insert another pair.

You can get Blue, Pure Hazel, Green and Grey Freshlook color lenses.

Freshlook ONE-DAY daily lenses are designed for light coloured eyes.