Freshlook Contact Lenses, Color, Colorblends, ONE-DAY, Dimensions, Radiance.

Freshlook Contact Lenses are available as colour contact lenses or daily contact lenses.

Freshlook contacts are part of a range including Freshlook Color, Freshlook Colorblends, Freshlook ONE-DAY, Freshlook Dimensions and Freshlook Radiance.

Freshlook contact lenses, colour and daily lenses.

Freshlook Color are monthly contact lenses in the Freshlook contacts series, with natural looking colour contact lenses including Blue, Green, Hazel Brown, Violet, Grey and Sapphire Blue, the lenses are suitable for dark coloured eyes, dark coloured eyes normally will change the colour of a coloured contact lens, due to the dark colour of your eyes coming through the lens, with Freshlook lenses the dark colour does not show through.

Freshlook Color are monthly replacement lenses, you don't have to wear them for 30 days straight though, as long as you clean the lenses after wearing you can keep them until you want to wear them again, as long as overall you haven't worn them more than 30 times.

Another lens in the Freshlook lenses family is Freshlook Colorblends, here a vast range of coloured lenses are available including Blue, Honey, Green, Gray, Turquoise, Brown, Amethyst, Hazel, Sapphire, Sterling Grey, Brilliant Blue and Gemstone Green.

Freshlook Colorblends are like other lenses in the Freshlook lens series, monthly replacement contact lenses that can be stored between wears, if you don't want to wear your coloured lenses every day.

Freshlook lens are also available in the Freshlook Dimensions range which are coloured contact lenses designed for light coloured eyes, three colours are available including Pacific Blue, Sea Green and Caribbean Aqua.

Freshlook Dimensions are also monthly replacement lenses from the Freshlook eye contact lenses set.

Freshlook ONE-DAY are daily replacement contact lenses in a choice of colours Blue, Green, Grey and Pure Hazel, these are daily lenses, so each day you remove your lenses and throw them away, and then each morning insert a fresh pair of lenses, these lenses are also Freshlook eye contact lenses.

Freshlook Radiance don't change your eye colour they just highlight what's already there, making your eyes look brighter and more vibrant, these lenses are also Freshlooks, these are monthly replacement contact lenses available in different styles, Autumn which gives eyes a healthy bronzy shine, Eden a slight green tint, Moonlight a silver tint and Sunrise a golden colour, they don't change your eye colour they just highlight what's already there.