Freshlook Coloured Contact Lenses.

Freshlook are a range of daily and monthly coloured contact lenses from Ciba Vision.

Not all Freshlook lenses are coloured contact lenses though, some are eye colour enhancers that will give you the same eye colour but much brighter, much more radiant and a look that is much more healthy.

Freshlook Eye Colour Enhancers.

The Fresh look range includes Fresh look Color, Fresh Colorblends, Fresh Dimensions, Fresh look ONE-DAY and Fresh look Radiance.

Freshlooks Radiance does not change your eye colour it just enhances your natural colour, creating brighter, healthier looking eyes.

Freshlooks Color, Fresh look Colorblends, Fresh look Dimensions and Freshlooks ONE-DAY are coloured contact lenses that will change your eye colour completely.

Freshlooks Colors are monthly replacement lenses that are best suited for dark coloured eyes, meaning, if you have dark coloured eyes then you need a special lens designed for dark coloured eyes as if you use a lighter lens not especially suited for dark coloured eyes then the colour of your dark eyes will bleed through the contact lens and the effect won't be very good, so if you have dark coloured eyes, then choose Fresh look Colors which is designed for dark coloured eyes.

Fresh look Colorblends is probably the best known colour contact lens in existence, so many beautiful colours are available Blue, Honey, Brown, Amethyst, Hazel, Sapphire, Green, Gray, Turquoise, Sterling Grey, Brilliant Blue and Gemstone Green, it's not all about the colour though and these Freshlooks lenses use a special starburst and a special blend of 3 different colours to create eyes that look bright and vibrant, when you see someone wearing Freshlooks you don't think they are wearing contact lenses you think they have amazing eyes because it's totally impossible to tell.

If you have light coloured eyes, or even lighter coloured eyes, if maybe a bit dark but not dark enough for a Fresh look lens specifically for dark eyes then try Fresh look Dimensons, a coloured contact lens for light coloured eyes.