Monthly Disposable Contact Lens from Ciba Vision.

Monthly Disposable Contact Lens with all the major brands available for next day delivery including Purevision, Soflens, Air Optix, Focus, Freshlook, Precision, Colortones, Images, Actifresh, BIOFINITY, Biomedics, Frequency, Proclear, EXTREME and Surevue.

Monthly disposable contact lens are available from a wide range of manufacturers Bausch and Lomb, Ciba Vision, Coopervision, CL-Tinters, Hydrogel Vision Corporation, Johnson and Johnson.

Monthly Disposable Contact Lens from CooperVision.

The full range of eye correction is available as a monthly disposable contact lenses including presbyopia, progressives, bifocal, multifocal, varifocal and astigmatism or toric lenses as well as a standard vision correction lens.

Biofinity is a monthly disposable contact lenses made out of a special material called Aquaform from Coopervision, this material not normally found on a monthly disposable contacts, more usually found on a daily lens, allows the eye to get plenty of oxygen, many contact lenses starve the eyes of oxygen, then your eyes get itchy, sore and red and your contact lenses have to come out, that's your eyes being starved of oxygen and getting uncomfortable, try this monthly disposable contacts from Coopervision and realise the benefits of an oxygen permeable lens.

With Aquaform in a monthly disposable contacts lens your eyes will look whiter, look more healthy.

Proclear EP is CooperVision's monthly disposable contacts lens designed for the correction of presbyopia, you will be able to see near and far with just the one Proclear EP lens.

The monthly disposable contacts lenses Proclear EP is a lot like CooperVision Compatibles in that the material used is phosphorylcholine, a material found on CooperVision monthly disposable contacts lenses to attract water molecules to your eyes and leave your eyes feeling moist and comfortable, Proclear EP does that by using a material that is in-line with the molecules found naturally in the eye.

Actifresh 400 the disposable contact lens marketed by Coopervision and designed by Hydron has a very high water content of 73% giving a very comfortable lens in a disposable contact lens form.

Actifresh 400 is also sold as Dollond and Aitchison Freshview 73, and Vision Now Monthly Disposable.