Night and Day Contact Lenses Continuous Wear.

Night and Day Contact Lenses are continuous wear contact lenses, meaning you keep the lenses inserted on your eyes for 30 days and 30 nights, never needing to take the lenses out, they don't need cleaning, once you have worn them for 30 days and nights, remove the lenses, throw them away and insert a new pair.

Night and Day contact lenses are designed for people who don't like to insert or remove contact lenses, after all with Night and Day contacts you only need remove the lenses 12 times in the whole year.

Night and Day contact lenses 30 days continuous.

Night and Day contacts are simple to use, no cleaning solutions to worry about, no trouble seeing when you wake up at night because your usual contact lenses are out of your eyes, with Night and Day lenses you always have great vision.

If you where to keep normal contact lenses in your eyes night and day, your eyes would quickly become red and sore, so what makes Night and Day lenses different, they are made from a special material called Lotrafilcon, it lets the eyes breath, normal lenses block the flow of oxygen to the eyes, but with Night and Day contacts lenses oxygen can pass through the Lotrafilcon material directly to the eyes, you can't starve your eyes of oxygen anymore than you can starve yourself and expect to stay fit and healthy.

Actually Night and Day contacts lenses pass 6 times more oxygen to the eyes then conventional contact lenses.

You can also find these Night and Day eye contact lenses for sale as Specsavers Easyvision All Day, All Night.

The ability for a contact lens to allow oxygen to pass through it is known as the lenses oxygen permeability, it is said to be permeable.

Night and Day eye contact lenses are truly the best solution if you would really rather not be wearing contact lenses at all.