Novelty Contact Lenses from Softlens Natural Colours, Durasoft 3 Colors, Focus Softcolors, Freshlook Color.

Novelty Contact Lenses are available in a huge range of colours including Aquamarine, Blue Topaz, Emerald, Green Amazon, Hazel India, Jade, Pacific Blue, Platinum, Violet Indigo (Softlens Natural Colours).

Aqua, Baby Blue, Chestnut Brown, Emerald Green, Hazel, Jade Green, Misty Grey, Sapphire Blue, Violet (Durasoft 3 Colors).

Novelty Contact Lenses Freshlook Colorblends, Dimensions, ONE-DAY, Radiance, Colortones, Images.

Aquamarine, Green, Royal Blue (Focus Softcolors).

Blue, Green, Hazel, Misty Grey, Sapphire Blue, Violet (Freshlook Color).

Amethyst, Blue, Brilliant Blue, Brown, Gemstone Green, Green, Grey, Honey, Pure Hazel, Sapphire, Sterling Grey, Turquoise (Freshlook Colorblends).

Caribbean Aqua, Pacific Blue, Sea Green (Freshlook Dimensions).

Blue, Green, Grey, Pure Hazel (Freshlook ONE-DAY).

Autumn, Eden, Moonlight, Sunrise (Freshlook Radiance).

Aqua, Dark Blue, Dark Brown, Green, Grey, Light Blue (Colortones).

Aqua, Dark Blue, Dark Brown, Grey, Light Blue, Light Green (Images).

That's a huge range of colours for your novelty contact lenses, and you should be able to find a colour that you like.

You can get novelty contact lens as daily, monthly and long term lenses in all the standard powers, curves and diameters, and many are in stock for next day delivery.

Novelty contact lens by Bausch and Lomb, Ciba Vision and CL-Tinters are available, with the vast majority from Ciba Vision.

The full range of novelty contacts includes Softlens Natural Colours, Durasoft 3 Colors, Focus Softcolors, Freshlook Color, Freshlook Colorblends, Dimensions, ONE-DAY, Radiance, Colortones and Images.

Novelty contacts include Soflens Natural Colors a monthly replacement contact lens for both light and dark coloured eyes, which is especially good on dark coloured eyes as the colour of your own eyes will not shine through.

Durasoft 3 Colors are longer term novelty lenses and the absolute cheapest way to get novelty lenses, as these lenses are so long term, you're not replacing them frequently, and that proves very good value for money.

Focus Softcolors can be worn either for one month, or up to 30 separate occasions as long as the novelty contacts lenses are cleaned between usage.

Freshlook Color are natural looking colours for dark eyes, note that different eye colours produce different effects so you will have to see what they are like when you're wearing them as they will appear slightly different for everyone.

Freshlook Colorblends are novelty contacts lenses which use three different colours in the contact lens to provide the most stunning effects, they are monthly replacement contact lenses.

Freshlook Dimensions are made for lighter coloured eyes, note, not just light coloured eyes, but any eye colour as long as it's not really dark.

With a starburst pattern and translucent colours Freshlook Dimensions provide some vivid colours.

Freshlook ONE-DAY are daily replacement or daily disposable novelty eye contact lenses, best for light coloured eyes, but if you want a novelty lens and aren't sure, try a small pack first, just to make sure.