O2 Optix Contact Lens by Ciba Vision.

O2 Optix Contact Lens are a range of lenses by Ciba Vision.

The O2 Optix contact lens range includes continuous wear lenses, daily lenses, weekly and monthly lenses.

O2 Optix Contact Lens Night and Day.

O2 Optix contact lenses are available for several different types of eye correction including multifocal (bifocal, varifocal) and Astigmatism (toric).

The full range of O2 Optix contact lenses are O2 Optix, O2 Optix Aqua, O2 Optix Aqua Multifocal, O2 Optix Astigmatism, O2 Optix Night and Day.

Air O2 Optix Aqua Multifocal lenses, these monthly replacement lenses are eye correction lenses for presbyopia where you need two separate prescriptions for near and far viewing combined into the one lens.

The Aqua O2 Optix contacts lens contains moisturiser to moisture your eyes as you wear the lenses, keeping dry eyes free from soreness and redness.

Aqua O2 Optix contacts lens do this by having several different prescriptions of moisturiser content from low moisturiser content, to medium to high, look out for the ordering option to specify the amount of moisturiser you want in your lenses when you order online.

Air Optix for Astigmatism are O2 Optix contacts also known as toric lenses, what's special about these O2 Optix contacts is that they are made of silicone hydrogel which allows more oxygen to reach your eyes than conventional soft contact lenses, what's great about that is it means your eyes won't get tired or sore so easily as its the starvation of oxygen from normal contact lenses that causes your eyes to get sore.

The original O2 Optix lenses is available in a range of powers from -10.00 to +6.00 with a silicone hydrogel lens keeping oxygen following to your eyes.

Air Optix Night and Day are O2 Optix lenses designed for continuous use for the whole month, leave these lenses on your eyes day and night for 30 days, never have to clean them, never have to take them out, then at the end of 30 days, remove the lenses, throw them away and insert a new pair.