O2 Optix Night and Day.

O2 Optix are a range of contact lenses made by Ciba Vision, they are called O2 Optix because they allow O2 to freely flow through the contact lens and into your eyes.

Standard contact lenses block the flow of oxygen to your eyes with O2 Optic five times more oxygen can reach your eyes than conventional lenses.

O2 Optix for Astigmatism.

If you want to wear contact lenses for more than a day then you need lenses that allow oxygen to reach your eyes because if you starve your eyes of oxygen they will become red, sore and in severe cases medical attention will be required, with O2 Optic the lenses are made from a special material called silicone hydrogel which allows oxygen to flow right through the lenses and into your eyes.

The great advantage of O2 Optixs lenses is that you can wear them for the entire month, night and day, never having to remove your contact lenses not even when sleeping.

With O2 Optixs you don't even need to clean your lenses, just wear them all the time, then after one month remove your lenses and throw them away inserting a new pair of O2 Optick lenses for the next month.

If you don't like inserting and removing your contact lenses then get O2 Optick as used all year you would only need to change your contact lenses 12 times in the entire year.

O2 Opticks for Astigmatism is an O2 Opticks lens designed for the correction of astigmatism or toric, other than that they are exactly the same continuous wear 02 Optix lenses.

02 Optix Night and Day are another continuous wear lens from Ciba Vision that you wear for the entire month, O2 Optic Night and Day are also known as Specsavers Easyvision and Specsavers All Day and All Night.