Proclear Contact Lens Try Proclear 1 Day.

Proclear Contact Lens are from a family of Proclear lenses called Proclear 1 Day and Proclear Compatibles.

Proclear 1 Day is a daily disposable Proclear contact lens that are very easy to live with, there's no cleaning or disinfecting just insert a new pair of lenses straight from the packet and discard the old pair.

Proclear Contact Lens Try Proclear Compatibles.

Proclear 1 Day is a good choice of Proclear contact lenses if you suffer from dry or sore eyes when wearing your contact lenses, the lens is made from a material called phosphorylcholine which attracts water molecules to the lens from the eye, the actual material the lens is made from contains molecules found naturally in the eye, and it's this similar molecule that allows the contact lens to collect moisture from the eye and keep your lenses feeling fresh all day, never drying out.

While the 1 Day Proclear contact lenses should be changed every day, it's found to still be offering moist and comfortable eyes after 12 hours of continuous wear, often in dry air conditioning on-board aircraft.

Proclear Compatibles Multifocal is another Proclear contacts designed for the correction of the eye condition presbyopia also known as multifocal, varifocal, bifocal and progressives lenses.

The Multifocal Proclear contacts can be provided in to different prescriptions, near and distance, you specify the prescription you would like when you order, you can have one lens for near and one lens for far viewing if that's what you require.

These are a modern Proclear contacts lens with no bifocal lines on the contact lens.

Proclear Compatibles Toric is a Proclear contacts lens again from the compatibles family, where the lens is made from a material that is compatible with naturally occurring molecules in the eye, the lens is an original supplied by Coopervision, compatibles only means it's compatible with your eye, it is not a reference to an own brand or generic version of a Proclear lens.