Proclear Contact Lenses Range Dailies, Bifocal and Toric.

Proclear Contact Lenses are a range of contact lenses that cover most contact lens wearers requirements including monthly lenses, daily replacement, multifocal lenses for bifocal wearers and toric lenses for astigmatism correction.

Proclear contact lenses are manufactured by Coopervision, Proclear Compatibles are actually made by Proclear, although they have the name compatibles in their title, it's not a reference to them being a generic own brand Proclear contact lens, it's a reference to the type of Proclear contact lens, a biocompatible lens which is in line with the eyes own tolerance and does not produce a reaction, inserting a contact lens into your eyes normally produces deposits of protein or fat on the lenses, with Proclear Compatibles the material the lenses are made from is compatible with the eyes own responses and does not provoke a reaction from the eye.

Proclear contact lenses from stock Proclear, 1 Day, Compatibles Multifocal, Toric.

Proclear contacts are also known as Specsavers EasyVision Monthly and Specsavers EasyVision All Days.

Proclear 1 Day are daily replacement contact lenses that will keep your eyes feeling fresh all day, with Proclear contacts you can replace your lenses every day, throw away the lenses at the end of the day and insert a new lens in the morning, making Proclear contacts lenses very easy to use with no cleaning solutions required.

An advantage of Proclear 1 Day is that they are made of a material which attracts water in your eyes and holds the water in place leaving your eyes feeling moist and refreshed all day, this material is called PhosphorylCholine (PC) and referred to as PC technology.

Proclear Compatibles Multifocal uses the same biocompatible material as Proclear Compatibles and is still part of the Proclear contacts lenses family, multifocal refers to the fact that it's like a bifocal or varifocal contact lens, some manufacturers call this type of lens a Progressives lens, it all means the same thing, the Proclear contact lens help you see close up and far away using the same pair of lenses.

It's a continual multifocal lens, no lines are present on the lens making a definite top and bottom.

Proclear Compatibles Toric are a Toric lens for astigmatism correction, again these Proclear contact lens use a biocompatible material so the lens is not rejected by the eye and stays comfortable all day long. these toric lenses are called Proclear which means they are Coopervisions best contact lenses, that provide the best viewing possible in a contact lens.