Purevision Contact Lens Multi-focal.

Purevision Contact Lens are all month long continuous wear lenses, what that means is that for the entire month, you don't have to take out your lenses ever, leave them in while you sleep, and you never need to take them out for cleaning, think of all that money your save in cleaning solutions, not to mention the time it takes to soak them.

Purevision contact lens are manufactured by Bausch and Lomb, they really are the easiest lenses to use, especially if you have trouble inserting or removing contact lenses, or are not used to contact lenses or are finding that you hate the hassle of contact lenses but would hate wearing glasses more, then Purevision contact lenses are the right choice.

Purevision Contact Lens Toric.

Purevision Multi-focal is a Purevision contact lenses for the eye correction of presbyopia, this condition is also known as bifocal, multifocal or varifocal or even progressives, with a Purevision contact lens you won't be stuck with a line down your lens, you can see near and far objects with the one lens and no interruption to your viewing.

For true multi-focal vision you can even choose your H/L lens type when you order.

The last Purevision contacts Bausch and Lomb make is the Purevision Toric, this is a Purevision contacts for the treatment of astigmatism or toric, call it what you will, they both mean the same thing.

The Purevision lens was the first continuous wear contact lens for astigmatism (toric lenses) and is still the best.

With this range of three lenses from Purevision lens manufacture, you can choose a lens that meets your needs and provides the best contact lens type available, continuous wear.

Standard, astigmatism, multi-focal or toric, whatever eye type you have, you can now enjoy a Purevision contact.