Purevision Contact Lenses Continuous Wear.

Purevision are continuous wear contact lenses, you don't take them out for the whole month.

Night and day you keep wearing your Purevision contact lenses, that's what makes Pure vision so popular.

Purevision contact lenses wear them day and night for one month.

There are 3 contact lenses in the Pure vision range, there's Purevisions a standard contact lens prescription for most contact lens wearers and Purevisions Multi-focal for people who, if they wore glasses would have bi-focal lenses, don't worry there is no line through these lenses like there is with conventional bifocals.

And lastly there's Pure visions Toric for people who need contact lenses for the correction of Astigmatism.

So whatever contact lenses you need there's a Pure visions lens for you.

With no cleaning required as you where Pure vision contact lenses for the whole month, both night and day, there's no mess with solutions or chemicals, no itchy eyes if you forget to clean your lenses, and comfort that lasts a lot longer than just all day, the comfort lasts the whole month long.

All 3 types of Pure vision lens have 36% water including Purevision standard, Purevision Multi-focal and Pure vision Toric, with only 36% water the lenses won't tear or rip and will most defiantly last the whole month long.

Wearing Pure visions all month means that these lenses must allow oxygen to flow freely through the lens and into your eyes, it's the starvation of oxygen that causes your eyes to get red, sore and itchy.

Pure visions use a material called balafilcon, this material has high oxygen permeability, meaning it allows the free flow of oxygen to your eyes.

With continuous wear lenses you will save a lot of money, if you have been using daily lenses because they are so convenient, a new pair of fresh lenses every day, then your love Pure vision where you can save money because your only buying lenses once a month and not every day, and because you don't even have to take your old lenses out and insert new lenses the next day like standard lenses.

If you don't like removing or inserting lenses then Pure vision are the perfect choice of lens for you, as quite literally you will only take your lenses out 12 times in the whole year.