Surevue Contact Lens by Johnson and Johnson.

Surevue Contact Lens are manufactured by Johnson and Johnson, they are monthly replacement contact lenses, what that means is that each night you must soak your lenses in contact lens cleaning solution, and each morning after neutralising the cleaning solution you can insert fresh Surevue contact lenses into your eyes, you can continue this regime for a whole month, after which you must discard your old lenses and insert a new Survue contact lens.

Surevue is a corruption of sureview, an indication of the superior viewing you get with Surevue from Johnson and Johnson.

Surevue Contact Lens the monthly replacement.

Johnson and Johnson are well known for making very high quality lenses and these Surevue contact lenses are no exception with a visibility tint to make inserting and removing your lenses even easier and UV protection to keep the harmful suns radiation out of your eyes, did you know that UV radiation from the sun can damage your corneas.

Most Surevue contact lenses prescriptions are in stock in actual fact over 95% of Sureview contact lenses are in stock so you can rest assured that if you order before lunchtime you will receive you lenses the very next day, and if this is a reorder your postage will be free.

With 58% water content this is a mid water content lens, it's comfortable but does not contain a high enough water content to cause the lens to tear or rip if you are having problems inserting your lenses, a problem that you might have experienced with other makes of lenses but rarely with a Sureview contact lens.

A monthly replacement lens is a good choice between price and convenience, because you are reusing the lens, cleaning and reusing the lens every day, the cost of buying lenses is much cheaper than a daily replacement lens, yes you have to soak the lens, but your taking the lenses out for the night anyway.