Surevue Contact Lenses Monthly Replacement Lenses.

Surevue Contact Lenses are monthly replacement contact lenses, that means that every night you must remove your lenses and clean them or soak them in a contact lens cleaning solution, then in the morning after cleaning and any disinfecting, neutralising steps you can insert the lenses back in your eyes, then after one month, you throw the lenses away and insert new Surevue contact lenses.

Surevue contact lens have a visibility tint to help you see your lenses when you're trying to insert them, the bluish colour of the Surevue contact lens disappears when the lenses are in your eyes, you don't see a bluish tint when wearing your lenses, no need to worry, and no one will see a bluish tint when they look at your eyes.

Surevue contact lenses UV blocking and visibility tint.

Surevue contacts lenses also have UV protection, you might think that UV protected contact lenses is a bit over the top, but did you know that severe UV light can damage the eyes cornea, Surevue contacts lenses will filter out UV light, the lenses are not tinted like sunglasses, so if sunlight is too bright, just wear sunglasses as normal, UV blocking only removes the harmful UV wavelengths from light, in much the same way as UV is blocked from all modern car windscreens.

Over 95% of Sureview contact lenses prescriptions are in stock so if you order early you will get your lenses dispatched the very same day, and you will be wearing your new Sureview contact lenses tomorrow.

Sure view contact lenses contain 58% water, that makes for comfortable lenses, but not such a high water content that the lenses become fragile and tear easily.

If you have ever torn your contact lenses, you will appreciate Sure view contact lenses.

Johnson and Johnson make many different type of contact lenses not just Surevue contact lens, and are a name you can trust in contact lens manufacture.

If you're looking for the cheapest prices on your lenses, then buy in bulk as very good price savings can be had, not only from buying online, but buying larger quantities as well.