Surevue from Johnson and Johnson.

Surevue is a monthly replacement contact lens, that means you wear the lenses each day and each night you put the lenses into soak in a cleaning solution, then the next morning you can wear your clean lenses again for the day, then after one month, you throw away the lens and start again with a new Surevue lens.

Sure vue lenses are made by Johnson and Johnson and designed to be very comfortable, but not only comfortable they also offer superior vision, to advertise the very good vision properties that Sure vue have, it's even in the lenses name sure view (Sureview), a corruption of the two words.

Surevue with UV blocking and Visibility tint.

Sureview lenses are held in stock, actually 95% of Sure view prescriptions are ready to ship on receipt of your order and will arrive the very next day, for the remaining 5% of prescriptions that can't be sent to you the very next day then it will usually take less than a week to get non standard prescription lenses shipped out to you.

With 58% water Sure view is a comfortable monthly lens, it's very unlikely ever to tear or rip when you're inserting them, even if you're not the most confident at inserting and removing your Shurevue lenses.

The reason Shurevue lenses won't tear or rip is that generally it is only the very high water content lenses that will rip so easily, and 58% water would only qualify as a medium water content lens.

Shorevue lenses come supplied in a saline solution to keep them fresh and ready for use straight away.

If you want the best discounted prices on Shorevue then buy Surevue in bulk as the larger the order the greater the saving, and don't worry about having a stock of Surevue lenses at home and then maybe your prescription changes and you need a different Surevues lens, because you can simply return all your Surevues lenses that have not been opened and have not expired and exchange them for your new prescription, that is a very good deal on Surevue that will be hard to beat.