Toric Contact Lenses For People With Astigmatism.

Toric Contact Lenses are for the correction of Astigmatism the lenses are called toric because of the shape of the lens that's required for the correction of Astigmatism.

Toric contact lenses are available from all the major contact lens manufacturers including Bausch and Lomb, Ciba Vision, Coopervision and Johnson and Johnson.

Toric Contact Lenses by Bausch and Lomb, Ciba Vision, Coopervision.

You can buy toric contact lens as a daily disposable contact lens or as a regular monthly contact lens.

PureVision Toric contact lens are continuous wear contact lenses especially designed for Astigmatism.

If you wear Toric contacts it's because you need correction for Astigmatism a condition which causes spherical aberration, which can be thought of as a small change in the shape of the eye, where the eye is less spherical and slightly toric in appearance, don't worry this is really only a very small change in shape and sounds far worse than it actually is.

Did you know that Soflens made the first daily disposable toric contact lens, in fact the Soflens toric contacts are so named because they offer very high levels of comfort, soft lens, you might say.

Dolland and Aitchison call their toric lenses SL 66 Toric.

You have lots of choice with toric lenses, how about Ciba Vision Air Optix lenses which contain a silicone hydrogel which allows oxygen to flow right through the lens material and into the eye, the more oxygen that gets to your eyes the better, your eyes need to breath too you know, some manufacturers call this technology permeable lenses.

Another good choice for a toric contact lens, especially if you are after a daily disposable contact lens is the lens from Ciba Vision known as Focus Dailies Toric, which give you a new pair of contact lenses every day, that used to seem like such an extravagance, I mean throwing away contact lenses every day, but now the price has come down somewhat thanks mainly due to their popularity and better manufacturing, you can buy daily disposable toric contact lenses cheaply.