Vision Direct Contact Lenses.

Vision Direct sell contact lenses on line, they have been selling lenses online since 1988, with Vision Direct you don't pay any additional costs or charges the price you see is the price you pay.

Vision Directs sell branded contact lenses up to 70% cheaper than other contact lens shops.

Vision Direct Contact Lenses Online.

With a 100% satisfaction guarantee at Vision Directs you can buy with confidence, if you return your lenses unopened immediately on receiving them, and you're not happy simply return them for a full refund, that's a very good deal from VisionDirect, and should put you at your ease, after all buying contact lenses from VisionDirect means you have nothing to lose when you use their satisfaction guarantee.

VisionDirects also have a reminder service for reordering your contact lenses, where they will email you a reminder with your order details already filled in, so if you want to place another order it's really ease and just takes a few clicks.

The best thing about the reminder service, is every time you use it VisionDirects will give you free shipping on all orders placed through the service, with Visions Direct you need never pay for contact lens delivery again.

Currently Visions Direct are offering a free gift with every order from the website, so if you fancy a free Vision Directs pen, better place your order today.

Would you like a 5 pound discount off your next contact lens order, well recommend a friend to Vision Directs and they will give you 5 pounds off your next order when your friend places their own order too, that's a pretty good deal, you get 5 pounds and your friend gets 70% cheaper contact lenses.

When you do place your order with Visions Directs they will send you confirmation emails and details of your orders arrival, so you know exactly where your contact lenses are and when they will be delivered.

Visions Directs have a live chat system on their website, so if you're unsure about what lenses are right for you, or need to ask more detail about the lenses you are thinking of buying, you can just have an online chat with a Vision Direct sales person, it's like chatting on messenger with Vision Direct and makes buying your correct lenses easy.

With Vision Direct you can also place orders in pounds, euro's and dollars, so wherever you are in the world, Vision Direct can sell you and deliver to you, your contact lenses, just because you are away from home or on holiday does not mean that you can't have your contact lenses sent to you.