Daysoft UV thin lenses by Provis.

Daysoft UV manufactured by Provis are daily disposable contact lenses for people used to thin contact lenses or who are moving away from 1-Day Acuvue and Focus Dailies or who are currently using monthly replacement and wish to try a daily replacement lens.

Daysoft UV are very thin lenses and coupled with 58% water in the lens, they are very comfortable but not with to higher water content which might lead the lenses to tearing or ripping.

Daysoft UV, Provis.

As the name suggests Daysoft UV is a Ultra Violet light blocking lens which means that harmful UV light from the sun which can in very severe cases damage the cornea is blocked by Daysoft UV lenses, the lenses are clear, don't think they are tinted like UV blocking sunglasses, there not, they are normal clear lenses that also block UV light.

If your planning a holiday in the sunshine then now is the time to get UV blocking contact lenses.

With daily disposable lenses you don't have any of the hassles of cleaning chemicals and disinfectants, simply remove your Daysoft UV lenses at the end of the day and next morning insert a new fresh pair of disposable lenses, it couldn't be simpler.

It's the most hygienic lens as each day you are replacing the lens, bacteria and other deposits which might cause your eyes soreness or redness just never have time to get a hold on the lenses.

You can get massive quantity discounts if you buy larger quantities, you can buy as little as 16 pairs or as much as one years worth of lenses in advance, this offers exceptional value for money especially if you are moving away from 1-Day Acuvue and Focus Dailies to another thin lens contact lens.

Daysoft UV by Provis, thin daily replacement contact lenses.