Disin Sept Bottle Number 1.

Disin Sept is contact lens disinfectant for use in 1 step and 2 step contact lens cleaning systems.

The Disin Sept bottle has a big number 1 written on it, to let you know its bottle number 1 in the 2 step contact lens cleaning system.

Disin Sept.

If you are using a one step or a two step system which numbers the bottles one and two, where bottle number one is disin sept and bottle number 2 is neutra sept (the neutralising solution), then you can buy this bottle of disin sept as a replacement for your disin-sept you have used up.

Disin-Sept is preservative free, that's good because some disinfectant solutions contact preservative which stays on the contact lenses and can be transferred to the eyes which causes stinging, with disin sept being preservative free that doesn't happen.

Also for a disinfectant solution you need hydrogen peroxide as the active ingredient that actually does the disinfecting, but in higher quantities hydrogen peroxide might not get neutralised and would be dangerous if still present on your contact lenses when you inserted them, after all hydrogen peroxide is bleach and was used in the past by girls to bleach their hair blond, it's not used anymore for bleaching hair as it was found to be dangerous in such large quantities, that's where the term peroxide blond came from.

Disin sept only contains 3% hydrogen peroxide, now that's small, statistically if you poured out 100 doses of disin sept only 3 of them would contain disin sept, that's how small a quantity it is.

You can use disin sept on normal, tinted, coloured, hard and soft lenses, it's suitable for all lenses that require cleaning.

Disin sept disinfects or removes bacteria and other impurities that are present on your contact lenses after a day's wearing.

Using disin sept and neutra sept is the cheapest way to clean your contact lenses.