Designed for dark eye colours, Durasoft 3 Colors.

Durasoft 3 Colors are Coloured Contact Lenses designed for people with dark eyes, you can change the colour of your eyes to Aqua, Baby Blue, Chestnut Brown, Emerald Green, Hazel, Jade Green, Misty Grey, Sapphire Blue and Violet.

People with dark eyes normally have problems with coloured contact lenses, because the light colours of the contact lenses are overshadowed by the dark colour of the wearers eyes, that's why Durasoft 3 Colors where designed specially for dark eyes.

Durasoft 3 Colors.

Durasoft 3 Colors are a longer term use lens, and are great value for money, simply use your normal contact lens cleaning solution on your Durasoft 3 Colors .

You can buy as little as one lens at a time or as much as 4 lenses, where significant discounts are available for a larger order.

If you looking to change your eye colour and want something that will last, because you have found a colour that you like, then Durasoft 3 Colors is the ideal solution.