Essilor Lunelle ES70 Solaire lenses by Coopervision.

Essilor Lunelle ES70 Solaire lenses manufactured by Coopervision under licence from Ocular Sciences are spheric lenses for the correction of achromatopsia.

Essilor Lunelle ES70 are daily wear soft lenses with a typical 18 month replacement cycle, your prescription will confirm exactly how long you should go before replacing these lenses.

Essilor Lunelle.

Supplied in a vial bottle in quantities from as little as 1 lens to 4 lenses.

Achromatopsia affects 1 in 30,000 people, those who are affected have no cone cells, only rod cells in the eye. The rod cells are very sensitive to light but can't detect colours like the cone cells can, so people with achromatopsia are colour blind and need darker lenses to reduce the level of light entering their eyes.