Contact lenses that won't dry out.

No more dry eyes with Extreme H20 S-xtra from the Hydrogel Vision Corporation.

The advanced silicon hydrogel from the people who invented the stuff, Hydrogel Vision Corporation.

Extreme H20 S-xtra, Hydrogel Vision Corporation.

If you have ever had your contact lenses dry out and stick to your eyes then you will know how unpleasant that is, with Extreme H20 S-xtra contact lenses and the unique silicon hydrogel which won't let your eyes dry out you won't experience dry eyes again.

Have you ever had to peal your contact lenses of your eyeball, it's not very pleasant, dry eyes are caused when your contact lenses starve your eyes from oxygen and your eyes dry out leading to sore, red and itchy eyes and in very severe cases damage to your eyes or vision can occur.

Extreme H20 contains a silicon hydrogel which allows the oxygen to reach your eyes and prevents your eyes from drying out.

The H20 in the name is reference to the fact that your eyes won't dry out with the water (H20) in Extreme H20 S-xtra, and it's extreme because the oxygen permeability of these silicon hydrogel lenses will ensure that your eyes never dry out due to the continued supply of fresh air to your eyes.

The Hydrogel Vision Corporation invented silicon hydrogel, you may see other companies offering silicon hydrogel contact lenses, but why not get your contact lenses from the people who invented the stuff, their cheaper and the properties of the silicon to give increased air flow to your eyes are greater.

Extreme H20 are monthly replacement contact lenses.

Available from stock for next day delivery.

Buy as little as 3 pairs or as many as 12 pairs that will last the whole year.

Suffering from dry tired eyes then you should be wearing Extreme H20 S-xtra contact lenses from the Hydrogel Vision Corporation.