Contact Lens Wearers Eyecare Cream.

Eye Care Cream for contact lens wearers by Eyecare Cosmetics.

Suitable for both men and women who wear contact lenses or have very sensitive skin, the moisturising agents within the eye care cream moisturise the areas around your eyes, replenishing moisture on dry or damaged skin whilst the elastins contained within the eye care cream make the area around your eyes more supple which helps to reduce the look of ageing and reduce the feeling of tired eyes.

Eye Care Cream from Eyecare Cosmetics.

With Eyecare Cosmetics Eye Care Cream your eyes will feel more awake, more alert and you will look and feel fresher, you will get that feeling you feel right after a facial where the skin around your eyes feels tighter yet more supple, where you feel more awake because your eyes feel more refreshed.

The eye care cream contains collagen which helps your pores to fill out and untighten after a stressful day, marine elastin is also used, this elastin compound found naturally in waters makes your skin feel more supple, more younger and less tired.

The moisturising agent will leave your skin refreshed and glowing, the moisturisers contained within the Eye Care Cream are designed for advanced hydration, moisturising your skin without aggravating sensitive skin types.

The skin around your eyes will feel softer and refreshed and you need not worry about this product aggravating your sensitive skin as it's specially formulated for sensitive skins.

Even people who would class themselves as not having sensitive skin, have sensitive skin around the eyes, try Eye Care Cream for yourself and feel the difference.

Available in a 15ml wide neck short bottle for easy application and storage.

This eye care cream is suitable for men and women and supplied in a neutral, non feminine container which will please all those men out there who feel uncomfortable using cosmetic products, but your eyes are important and you must look after them too guys.