Make Up Remover for Contact Lens Wearers.

The Eyecare Cosmetics Company have produced Eye Make Up Remover for contact lens wearers and people with sensitive skin or eyes.

This eye makeup remover is a skin toner and lotion, removing make up and toning your skin as well as moisturising while you gently wipe away your makeup from around your eyes and eyelids using cotton wool or eye makeup remover pads.

Eye Make Up Remover.

Some people with sensitive skin will have a reaction to cotton wool, if you think you might be sensitive or allergic to cotton wool use a muslin cloth instead for removing your make up.

The formulation used in Eyecare Cosmetics Company's eye makeup remover moisturises your eyelids and the areas around your eyes with a specific scientifically calculated amount of moisturiser designed to be in line with the moisture on your skin and eyelids.

Supplied in a convenient 125ml bottle this eye makeup remover lotion is blue in colour and suitable for those with sensitive eyes and sensitive skin around the eyes.

Eyecare cosmetics eye makeup remover won't leave your eyes feeling itchy or sore like general purpose eye makeup removers that are not designed for contact lens wearers.

Even waterproof mascara is easily removed without stinging your eyes or making them sore.

If your suffer from panda eyes where your mascara runs, fear not this eye makeup remover for contact lens wearers will get rid of your panda eyes in no time.

It's not harsh and perfectly suited to sensitive skin types.

It won't leave your eye area feeling greasy or oily, the gentle solution moisturises as it removes.

Eyeliner, eye shadow and mascara, all will be gone when you use the gentle eye makeup remover.

If you have suffered from irritation caused by eye makeup removers in the past, try eye makeup remover from the Eyecare Cosmetics Company and notice the difference.