Focus Dailies, Progressives, Daily Disposable Contact Lenses.

If you have Presbyopia and need bifocals or reading glasses then Focus Dailies Progressives are made just for you.

Focus Dailies Progressives are contact lenses that remove the need to wear bifocal glasses, or reading glasses or variable lens glasses or separate glasses for long and short sight.

Focus Dailies Progressives.

Focus Dailies Progressives as well as being the ideal contact lens for bifocal lens wearers are also daily disposable lenses, so you don't have all the problems people normally associate with wearing contact lenses, sore, itchy eyes from wearing lenses that need to be replaced or trouble disinfecting and cleaning contact lenses and remembering to add neutraliser tablets and all the other chores associated with contact lenses.

With Focus Dailies Progressives you simply wear a new pair of lenses everyday, at the end of the day you remove and throw away the contact lenses, and then next morning insert a pair of new contact lenses.

Focus Dailies Progressives are very reasonably priced and good discounts can be had for buying in bulk for example in packs of 30, 60 or 120 lenses right up to 360 packs where major discounts can be had.