Focus Softcolors coloured contact lenses from Ciba Vision.

Focus Softcolors are coloured contact lenses for prescription contact lens wearers.

Focus Softcolors are suitable for light coloured eyes and can change your eye colour to one of three colours Royal Blue, Aqua and Evergreen.

Focus Softcolors, Coloured Contact.

The exact colour of your eyes determines the final effect of the coloured lenses, so try all three colours and see which one looks best on you.

The lenses are monthly replacement coloured contacts, just clean them each day like you would normal contact lenses and then after 30 days dispose of the lenses, you may of course want to wear the lenses infrequently, saving them for special occasions, in such a case clean the lenses after wearing and keep them safe for the next time, then after 30 uses, dispose of the lenses.

You can get Focus Softcolors cheaper by buying several at once, the smallest quantity is a pack of 3 pairs and the largest quantity available which is cheaper is 12 pairs of lenses.

If your looking for a quality coloured contact lens and like the Ciba Vision range try Focus Softcolors.