Focus Toric Visitint and Specsavers Monthly Toric.

Focus Toric Visitint are contact lenses for the correction of Astigmatism, they are made by Ciba Vision as part of the Focus Toric range and are also known as Specsavers Monthly Toric.

Focus Toric Visitint are soft contact lenses designed for monthly replacement, the special Toric lenses are designed to correct Astigmatism.

Focus Toric Visitint.

Each night use a contact lens cleaning solution and then each morning insert the freshly cleaned lenses, after one month dispose of the lenses and use a new set of contact lenses.

Ciba Vision is a very big name in contact lens manufacture and makes many different ranges of contact lens under their own name as well as contact lenses repackaged for other shops, there's no need to pay the higher prices charged by some shops for your Toric lenses Focus Toric Visitint lenses are the best and cheapest lenses, if your have been using Specsavers Monthly Toric try Focus Visitint Toric and you will like the price and the quality.

The lenses are called visitint because they have a visible tint which helps you to handle the lenses, you can only see the tint when you are trying to insert your lenses and you have the lens in your hands, when the lens is inserted no tint is present.

If you have ever lost a contact lens or dropped it and can't find the lens, then visitint lenses are for you, with the visible tint on visitint lenses you won't lose your lenses again.

The lenses are called Toric because Toric or torus is the shape of the lens that is required for correcting Astigmatism.

The lenses are 55% water so that's a medium water content lens, comfortable and yet they won't rip easily when you are handling them.

You can buy 3 pairs of lenses which will last you 3 months or make a saving buying larger quantities of up to 12 pairs of lenses that would last you the whole year.

Focus Toric Visitint lenses are easy to wear and easy to handle monthly disposable lenses for the correction of Astigmatism.