Focus Visitint lenses have a blue handling tint which can't be seen when wearing the lenses.

Focus Visitint lenses are manufactured by Ciba Vision.

The name Visitint means that the lens has a blue tint which can be seen when you are handling the lenses and inserting them into your eyes, but the blue tint cannot be seen by you when you are wearing the lenses or by anyone else when they look at your eyes. The tint is just to help you see your lenses while you are handling them.

Focus Visitint.

With the Visitint there is no more dropping your contacts on the floor and then being unable to find them, Visitint makes inserting your lenses much easier.

Focus Visitint are monthly lenses which means you can wear your lenses all month without needing to change them, then each month a fresh Visitint lens can be used, your eyes will stay fresh and clear and you will not have to worry about cleaning your lenses or any special chemicals.

Each month simply insert new lenses.

The pack contains 6 contact lenses, which is a 3 month supply.