Frequency 55 AB by Coopervision, deposit free Contact Lenses.

Frequency 55 AB are Monthly Replacement Contact Lenses from Coopervision.

Frequency 55 AB are also sold as Specsavers Asphericlens and Vision Express Enhance but are all made by Coopervision.

Frequency 55 AB.

The Frequency lens is a deposit free lens, meaning protein and fat deposits from your eyes which normally build up on your lenses causing sore and gritty eyes won't be a problem with deposit free lenses.

Frequency 55 AB are toric lenses designed for people with Astigmatism.

The lenses have a blue tint to make them easy to find and handle, don't worry the blue tint cannot be seen by you when you wear the contact lenses, or by anyone else looking at your eyes.

If your looking for a comfortable all day wear lens, Frequency 55 are ideal and the Toric or AB lens means that many more people, those that have Astigmatism will now be able to enjoy deposit free, protein free and fat free lenses.