Specsavers Easyvision Standard Monthly Toric and Vision Express Enhance Toric at the best prices.

Coopervision manufacture contact lenses for several different companies, which each company using it's own brand name, but the lenses which are all manufactured by Coopervision are the same, so save money and buy your contact lenses direct.

Specsavers Easyvision is really Frequency Xcel Toric by Coopervision, Specsavers Standard Monthly Toric is also Frequency Xcel Toric by Coopervision and Vision Express Enhance Toric is still Frequency Xcel Toric by Coopervision.

Frequency Xcel Toric, Easyvision, Enhance Toric

With all just one company manufacturing lenses for all these different shops it's worth buying online direct from the supplier.

Frequency Xcel Toric are highly resistant to protein and fat deposits on the lenses, all contact lens wearers will suffer from protein and fat deposits and some people produce more protein and fat deposits, also known as debris, than others.

With Xcel Toric lenses designed to resist the build up of these deposits, your vision will be improved and your eyes went get red and sore due to deposit build up which in the worse cases can lead to infections.

Frequency Xcel Toric is a monthly replacement contact lens that you really should try, especially if you are already paying too much for these lenses from other suppliers.