Freshlook Color contact lenses are available in 6 different colours.

Freshlook Color by Ciba Vision are Monthly Replacement Coloured Contact Lenses available in 6 colours including Blue, Green, Hazel (Brown), Misty Grey, Sapphire Blue and Violet.

Freshlook Colors are suitable for dark coloured eyes, usually a dark coloured eye would overpower the coloured contact lens, but with Freshlook Colors one of six very different colours can be used to completely change your eye colour.

Freshlook Color.

Your exact eye colour will influence the actual shade achieved with Freshlook Color lenses, so you may want to try a few different colours before you settle on one or two colours you like best.

Provided you clean the soft contact lenses, you can wear the lenses up to 30 times on 30 different occasions before throwing your lenses away. So if you want coloured contact lenses for a party or a wedding, you can reuse the same pair, or simply wear the lenses for 30 days, the choice is yours.

You can have a different eye colour everyday if you wish.