Coloured Contacts for people who wear contact lenses.

Freshlook Dimensions are coloured contacts for people who wear contact lenses.

Change your eye colour to dark blue, light blue or green (Pacific Blue, Sea Green and Caribbean Aqua) with these contact lenses designed for people with light coloured eyes, that's because dark coloured eyes need a different lens design where the dark colour of the eyes does not overpower the new colour of the contact lens causing the colour people see to be a mix of the contact lens colour and your dark colour eyes.

Freshlook Dimensions, Coloured Contacts.

The contact lenses are designed to give your eyes a natural look and not to look artificial or false.

Freshlook Dimension lenses are designed with a starburst pattern that makes your eyes look bigger than they really are, this enhances your eyes and draws peoples attention to your eyes, whilst making your eyes look brighter and more alert.

Translucent or see-through colours are then used to add depth to your eyes, giving you deep colours that look totally natural.

Wear the lenses for up to one month, obviously you will need to clean your lenses like you already do for normal contact lenses, if you don't want to wear you coloured contacts everyday, then you can clean them between wears and wear them days apart, as long as in total you don't wear your lenses more than 30 times.

Different colour lenses look different on different eyes, that's because whilst these lenses are designed for light coloured eyes, there are still many different grades of light coloured eyes, so its best to try several colours, for instance you might want dark eyes and find that the dark blue lenses don't make your eyes look very dark, but that the light blue lenses do, that's you natural eye colour affecting how your coloured contacts look.

Try several different colours and experiment with the colour that's right for you.