Daily Replacement Coloured Contact Lenses from Freshlook One Day, available in a range of colours.

Freshlook One Day daily replacement coloured contact lenses from Ciba Vision.

Available in several colours including blue, green, grey and pure hazel.

Freshlook One Day.

Prescription coloured contact lenses from the daily replacement range (One Day) from Ciba Vision, part of the Freshlook product range.

With Freshlook One Day you can wear one colour contact lens during the day and a different colour lens at night.

With 69% water content these coloured lenses have a high water content which makes them very comfortable and easy to wear.

Freshlook coloured lenses are designed for people with light coloured eyes as on darker coloured eyes your own eye colour may overpower the new eye colour, that does not always happen and its worth trying Freshlook lenses so you can feel the comfort and experience what the colour looks like on your own eyes.

Everyone's natural eye colour will have an effect on the eye colour people see when you wear coloured lenses, so it's important to experiment with a few different coloured lenses to see which eye colour suits you best and which coloured lens looks the best with your own eye colour.

These are daily replacement lenses, so everyday insert a fresh pair of coloured lenses, and every night remove the lenses and throw them away.

You can buy as little as 10 coloured lenses or to get the best discounts as much as 120 lenses, that's 60 pairs of lenses and will last you for 2 months.

Of course you don't need to wear your coloured lenses everyday, you might decide to just wear coloured lenses at the weekends or in the evenings, in that case your supplies of coloured lenses would last a whole lot longer.

Enjoy daily replacement lenses and change your eye colour with Freshlook One Day from Ciba Vision.