Brighten your eyes without changing your eye colour with Freshlook Radiance.

Freshlook Radiance by Ciba Vision highlights your natural eye colour without changing your eye colour.

Freshlook Radiance highlights, and brightens your eyes adding sparkle without changing your eyes natural colour.

Freshlook Radiance.

Freshlook Radiance uses a pearlescent pattern around the pupil which collects light and reflects it back giving the appearance of much brighter but natural looking eyes.

The lens allows your eyes own colour to shine through, the lens does not change your eye colour, only highlights the appearance of your eyes.

The lens also has a outer ring around the pupil which gives depth and definition to your eyes, combined with the pearlescent starburst effect your eyes will look vibrant and brighter, yet still natural.

Freshlook Radiance lenses illuminate your eyes in one of 4 different styles, if your looking to add a shine to your eyes, but don't want bright eyes, select Autumn, for a touch of Spring in your eyes choose Eden, for a bright coloured eye choose Moonlight and for a golden colour eye choose Sunrise.

Wear these lenses for up to one month, or more often if only for occasional wear, but remember to clean them after use.

The actual colour you get from Freshlook Radiance is very much dependant on your eyes own colour, as your not changing your eye colour, just highlighting what is already there.

Try several different shades to find the one that suits you best, if you don't want people to suddenly comment that your eye colour has changed but do want to brighten up your eyes, then Freshlook Radiance is the answer.