Hycosan just click, click, soothe.

Hycosan by Bausch and Lomb is a liquid solution for relieving tired, sore and dry eyes, for people who wear contact lenses or have sensitive eyes.

Hycosan is so easy to apply to your eyes, Hycosan comes in a squeezy bottle with a special cap, when you squeeze the bottle, the cap clicks and releases just one drop of Hycosan liquid.

Hycosan, Bausch and Lomb

Hold the bottle above your eye and squeeze one drop in, when the bottle clicks, one drop has been released, as the Hycosan adverts say: just click, click, soothe.

There's no danger of using too much Hycosan as the bottles cap will only release one drop with each click, if you want two drops in each eye, simply click, click.

The Hycosan squeezy bottle contains 300 drops (or 300 clicks if you prefer).

The Hycosan squeezy bottle is a sterile container, don't worry Hycosan contains no preservatives at all (preservatives can be harmful to your eyes).

The general guidance for Hycosan usage, is one drop three times a day into each eye, of course ask your eye care professional what dosage is best for you.

Using the above one drop three times a day into each eye, a 300 drop bottle of Hycosan would last over one and half months.

If after using Hycosan you continue to suffer from dry or itchy eyes, consult your eye care professional as that would be indicative of a bigger problem than dry eyes.

You can use Hycosan daily for a prolonged period of time, it's designed for everyday use.

The one click bottle is very unique, it certainly makes putting drops in your eyes kind of fun, and it's certainly a unique idea.

You can't overdose with the one click squeezy bottle, no matter how hard you press only one drop will come out with each click, making it a very safe method of eye drop delivery.

The active ingredient in Hycosan is 0.1% sodium hyaluronate.