Images by CL Tinters are Monthly Coloured Contact Lenses.

Images by CL Tinters are Monthly Replacement Coloured Contact Lenses.

Colours available are Aqua (Green), Dark Blue, Dark Brown, Grey, Light Blue and Light Green.

Images, CL Tinters.

Images Coloured Contact Lenses use a coloured Iris pattern which changes the eye colour, your eyesight is not affected in any way, you continue to see as normal no tints or colours are visible to you, but other people see a new eye colour.

The lenses are monthly disposable, so you can wear the lenses for 30 days, or if you prefer, clean the lenses and save them for another occasion, after wearing the lenses 30 separate times, then you can dispose of the lenses.

So for example you might wish to alternate between several different pairs of coloured lenses, having a different eye colour each day, or a different eye colour at night or at the weekends.

Your own eye colour will influence the colour that others will see in your iris, so it's worth getting several different eye colours and experimenting to see which looks best for you.