Lens, Barrel and Ventilated Contact Lens Cases.

Contact lens cases come in three different designs, all with slightly different function there's lens case, barrel lens case and ventilated barrel lens case.

The standard lens case sold here is a dual contact lens case holding contact lenses for both eyes, you can keep your contact lenses wetted in a saline solution as the contact lens case is watertight.

Lens, Ventilated and Barrel Lens Case.

The barrel lens case sold here allows you to keep your lenses submersed in a contact lens cleaning solution, normally overnight, so your lenses clean while you are sleeping, then in the morning after rinsing, if your solution requires it, you can place the contacts back in your eyes or pop then in the dual lens case and wet them, if wetting is required with your solution, for later inserting into your eyes.

Maybe you have contact lens cleaning solutions that require a ventilated barrel case, this just means that the cleaning solutions used on the contact lenses should be allowed to have air present in the barrel whilst they clean, and for best cleaning results, so for those type of lenses, use the ventilated barrel case.

There's practically no difference in price between the lens cases, lens cases are so cheap nowadays, with a standard lens case costing less than 2 pounds and a barrel or ventilated barrel case costing less than 3 pounds.

These are not gimmicky cases with ears or that play tunes, these cases are suitable for use at work or anywhere else where just professional contact lens cleaning and storage equipment is required.

The difference between a barrel case and a standard dual contact lens case, is the standard contact lens case is just for transporting your lenses and fits easily into your bag, whilst a barrel lens case is for cleaning your lenses, so you really need two contact lenses cases, a standard lens case for transporting your lens case and a barrel case for cleaning, or if your cleaning regime requires it a ventilated barrel case.