Lensvue2 by Softsert contact lens insertion tool.

Can't see your lenses to insert them because your contact lenses are out, that's one of life's really stupid problems that Lensvue2 by Softsert fixes.

Most contact lenses have writing or numbers on the lens which you can't see when wearing your lenses but which tell you if your contact lenses are inside out, but unless you have perfect vision, in which case why do you want contact lenses, then you can't see the numbers and letters to tell if the lens is inside out.

Lensvue2 by Softsert.

With the Lensvue2 the lens is placed in the Lensvue2 and a viewer much like that on a pair of binoculars or a microscope shows you a magnified image of your contact lens so you can see if the lens is the wrong way round or inside out.

That's not the best feature of the Lensvue2, the best feature is that the Lensvue2 actually inserts your lenses straight onto your eye for you, the other end of the Lensvue2 has a cup, which looks a bit like a suction cup (it isn't by the way, it just looks like that), this cup is placed over your eyeball and with a gentle touch the contact lens is inserted onto your eye all by itself, nice and easy.

The Lensvue2 looks a bit like a short telescope at the bottom is a device looking like a suction cup that places the contact lens onto your eye and at the top is a viewer which shows you a magnified view of the contact lens so you can see any writing or logos on the lens and easily determine if the contact lens is inside out or the wrong way round, then with a gentle touch of the cup end on the eye, your lens is automatically inserted for you.

You don't need good vision to insert contact lenses, you don't even need two hands to insert your contact lenses all you need is the Lensvue2 by Softsert.