Prevent Eye Damage with PreserVision Lutein Supplements.

PreserVision are Lutein soft gels made by Bausch and Lomb to prevent eye damage by building up the levels of Lutein in the eye.

PreserVision contains Lutein, it is Lutein that is responsible for filtering out harmful blue light from the eyes, which can cause damage to the macula.

Lutein Soft Gels, PreserVision, Bausch and Lomb.

It's the macula that contains high levels of Lutein, and PreserVision contains 100% of the Recommended Daily Amount RDA of Lutein which is absorbed by the macula into the eye.

For smokers it's not wise to take supplements of beta-carotene, so for this reason the vitamin A in PreserVision is replaced with FloraGLO Lutein which is specially formulated to not contain beta-carotene.

When you wear sunglasses, the glasses are filtering out the harmful blue light that can cause damage to the macula, but when you're not wearing sunglasses your eyes have no defence, so it's important to make sure that macula damage does not occur.

Now eating green leafy vegetables like spinach will provide the body with Lutein which can be absorbed by the macula in the eye and provide a natural protection for the macula, but how many people can honestly say that they eat enough of their greens, that's what makes a vitamin supplement like PreserVision so good.

PreserVision contains Lutein in a soft gel form, it's much easier to take soft gel tablets than it is to swallow a hard tablet.

You should be getting at least 6 mg of Lutein each day from the food you eat, but if your diet is not as good as it could be then you will need a little help and PreserVision will give you 5mg of Lutein in just one soft gel capsule.

PreserVision is available without prescription and will help slow macular degeneration, basically failing eyesight due to old age, also called AMD.