Multi purpose contact lens cleaner.

Multi use contact lens cleaner the best single bottle solution on the market, you can use it to clean hard lenses and soft lenses and even silicon hydrogel and hydraclear lenses, the multi use cleaner will also remove protein marks from lenses and is suitable for sensitive eyes.

Now you don't need several bottles of cleaning solutions for your lenses, if you have different types of lenses, like hard lenses and hydraclear lenses then just buying all the cleaning solutions can get expensive, not to mention having them all around the house.

Multi Use Contact Lens Cleaner.

With this multi use contact lens cleaner you can clean all your lenses with this one bottle, it's suitable for sensitive eyes, so you know it's mild.

When you buy the multi use cleaner you also get a free lens case do to the cleaning in.

You can buy multi use contact cleaner in a 1 months supply bottle right up to a full years supply in one go for massive savings, and don't worry, left unopened the multi use cleaner will keep.

It's very important to always clean your contact lenses, serious eye complaints will result if you don't so it's always worth having extra cleaner maybe even one bottle at home and one bottle at work so it's always there when you need it.

This is the best value contact lens cleaner available, why buy some of the more expensive brands that can't even be used as multi use, and many brands can't be used with sensitive eyes.

This single bottle solution makes a great travel size, just purchase one small bottle and take it with you on your travels, it's quick and it's easy.

Multi use contact cleaner is supplied from stock, so if you order today you will have the cleaner tomorrow, and don't forget it comes with a free lens case too.

The best value multi use contact lens cleaner for all lens types and sensitive eyes.