Neutra-Sept Neutralising Solution for Vision Direct Step systems.

Neutra-Sept by Vision Direct is neutraliser solution for the Vision Direct 1 Step and 2 Step systems.

Neutra-Sept neutralises the Disin-Sept disinfectant solution found in Vision Direct step systems.

Neutra-Sept, Vision Direct.

Neutra-Sept does not contain thimerosal and contains only a very small amount of preservative (0.0004% of Polyhexanid Biguanide preservative).

The great thing about Neutra-Sept neutralising agent is Vision Direct actually tell you how much (or in this case how little) preservative is used in their products.

Neutra-Sept can be used to neutralise the effects of disinfectant on all types of soft contact lenses.

It's vitally important that you clean your contact lenses in a disinfectant and neutralising solution to remove things like dirt build up, protein and fat deposits and bacterial growth from your lenses, failure to do so will lead to sore red eyes which can have serious complications to your eyesight if you don't clean your lenses and things go on unchecked.

Using the Vision Direct 1 Step or 2 Step Systems makes cleaning your contact lenses very easy, as easy as the name suggests, there's a 1 step system that uses Disin-Sept and neutralising tablets, and a 2 step system which uses both Neutra-Sept and Disin-Sept solutions.

The 2 step system is much cheaper than the 1 step system because with the 2 step system you are not using neutralising tablets but instead Neutra-Sept neutralising solution which is much cheaper than the tablets.

Both systems clean just as effectively, the only difference is 1 Step systems use neutralising tablets and 2 Step systems use Neutra-Sept neutralising solution and are cheaper, the choice really comes down to cost as even with the 1 Step system your still using a solution, the Disin-Sept solution.

In case your wondering Neutra-Sept is bottle number 2 in the Vision Direct 2 Step system.

Cheap supplies of Neutra-Sept for the Vision Direct 1 Step and 2 Step Systems.