Ocuvite Lutein keeps your Eyes Healthy with 100% RDA of Vitamin C,E and Zinc.

Ocuvite Lutein is made by the people who make the majority of the worlds contact lenses, Bausch and Lomb so they know a thing or two about eyes and eye health.

Ocuvite Lutein contains all the vitamins and minerals needed to keep your eyes healthy on a daily basis including vitamin C,E and the mineral zinc, not just a tiny amount of these vitamins and minerals which are so essential for your eye health but the full UK RDA Recommended Daily Allowance, with just one supplement you are getting all you need, you don't need to include other eye supplements in your daily regime.

Ocuvite Lutein, Bausch and Lomb.

Antioxidant vitamins C,E repair your eyes from oxidative stress, vitamins that do this are called antioxidants, oxidative stress is caused by exercising, or the body fighting illness or trying to recover.

These eye vitamins are a complete nutritional supplement for your eyes.

6 mg of a vitamin called Lutein which is a carotenoid is included in Ocuvite Lutein, carotenoids are the yellow coloured pigments in dark green leafy vegetables like spinach, well if it's good enough for Popeye, it's good enough for us.

In the human eye Lutein is found in the macula which controls central vision in your eye.

Studies have shown that Lutein maintains your central vision system by repairing damage caused by free radicals.

Another important ingredient in Ocuvite is copper (found in the form of cupric oxide) 2 mg of copper is contained in Ocuvite, and that's 100% of the RDA amount.

Ocuvite Lutein is specially designed to provide large amounts of Lutein (6 mg) in just one easy to swallow capsule.

You can take Ocuvite Lutein on its own each day or as part of a multiple vitamin regime.

Ocuvite Lutein is recommend by eye care professionals as a general eye care vitamin supplement.

The level of Lutein found in your eyes is related to the amount of Lutein consumed from the food you eat, and as Lutein is found in green leafy vegetables, it's pretty much certain that most of us are not getting enough Lutein because we defiantly are not eating enough green leafy vegetables.

Lutein capsules should be taken one or two times daily or as prescribed by your Doctor.