Omniflex comfortable long term use.

Omniflex by Coopervision are long term use lenses that will last up to one year, and are designed for extreme comfort.

You won't find another long term use lens as comfortable as Omnflex.

Omniflex, Coopervision Hydron

Now Coopervision have improved on the Omniflex and added a blue visibility tint to help you when handling your lenses.

These lenses are breathable and allow oxygen to flow through the lens, so your eyes won't get dry and sore.

Omniflex is available in a very wide range of prescriptions form -15 to +14 power, 8.4 - 8.8 base curve with a 14.3 diameter.

Designed for everyday wear and designed to keep your eyes comfortable, these lenses have not been compromised in any way by trying to make a contact lens that lasts a long time and reducing comfort at the same time, these truly are very comfortable long term use lenses.

Designed with extended wear in mind, so don't worry if it's been a long day your eyes will still feel fresh and clean.

With 70% water they are comfortable but will not tear or rip.