Opti Free Replenish in a handy travel size.

Opti Free Replenish manufactured by Alcon is available in a handy travel size bottle.

Opti Free Replenish is a contact lens cleaning solution that contains a solution that keeps your contact lenses moist when they are in your eyes, as well as cleaning your lenses.

Opti-Free Replenish.

More moisture on your lenses means more comfort as your lenses won't rub on your eyes making them red and sore.

Opti Free is an all in one solution, so no messing around with different bottles of disinfectant, neutraliser and cleaners.

This travel size is a handy 60ml bottle which is easy to take on holiday with you in your bag or why not leave an emergency bottle in your office drawer at work for times when you want to clean your lenses.

Suitable for soft and all silicone hydrogel contact lenses, Opti Free Replenish keeps your contact lenses moist for up to 14 hours, that's a lot longer than other contact lens solutions, several hours longer.

Not only does Opti Fresh Replenish clean, disinfect and neutralise your lenses all in one it also reconditions your lenses and coats them with a moisture trapping solution that keeps your eyes fresh all day.

When you soak your lenses in Opti Free you are giving your lenses a thorough clean and replenishing the solution that keeps your lenses moist all day long.

It's a no rub solution, you're not required to tend your lenses while they soak, leave them alone!

Opti Free will reduce fat and protein build-up which causes deposits on your lenses, left unchecked in severe cases these deposits could lead to eye infection, but with Opti Free they will be gone.

Opti Free contains the TearGlyde solution, it is this solution that keeps your lenses moist all day.

If you find you have to go for long periods of time wearing your contact lenses maybe for work or leisure reasons then Opti Free will keep you lenses feeling comfortable for longer.