73% water content disposable lens.

Opticomfort is a high water content disposable contact lens containing 73% water.

High water content lenses are very comfortable to wear as the soft lens fits your eye very well and offers very high levels of comfort.

Opticomfort, High Water Content.

Opticomfort lenses are supplied in a bottle and available in quantities as low as 1 lens or up to 2 pairs (4 lenses), the more lenses you buy the cheaper it gets.

If your currently using a high water content lens, consider Opticomfort as a cheap generic replacement, the lenses are cheaper than brand names but are still very comfortable high water content lenses, if you like them you will have found a bargain that will save you a lot of money over time.

Try Opticomfort monthly disposable contact lenses and see the improvement in your wallet as well as your eyes.