Turn Your Sunglasses Into Bifocal Sunglasses.

Bifocal Sunglasses that's what this product is all about, stick on the contact lenses to the inside lens of your sunglasses and convert your sunglasses to bifocal sunglasses.

It's not a sticky mess of adhesive that sticks your bifocals contacts to your sunglasses, it's actually just a tiny drop of water that holds your contact lenses onto your sunglasses.

Stick on contact lenses for sunglasses.

It's a novel approach for DIY bifocal sunglasses, it's cheap, so much cheaper than bifocal sunglasses, if you can even find a company that will supply them.

No one can see the lens stuck to the inside of your sunglasses, only you know it's there.

You can order several different strengths of bifocal lenses to stick onto your sunglasses from +1.25 to +3.00, you can order one pair just to try them out, two pairs or three pairs, so there's no doubt, ordering one pair will get you two lenses to stick onto your sunglasses.

These bifocal lenses for your sunglasses are called HydroTac Lenses and are available from stock so you can order today for next day delivery.

It may seem a strange idea at first and then you think how much you rely on your normal bifocal glasses and then it all makes sense, you can stick these lenses into any pair of glasses or sunglasses, the lens is small in size and can be cut to the shape of your glasses with a normal pair of scissors.

Even after you stick your lenses to your glasses with a dab of water, you can still remove them, the lenses are fully reusable and you can keep using them indefinitely.

The lenses won't fall out, the water actually holds the lens against your glasses very tightly and will stick onto your lenses until you remove them.

It's only water that holds the lenses to your glasses or sunglasses so they won't be damaged in any way.